Sunday, October 17, 2010


I really need a tripod. I can't just keep balancing my camera on the top of the stairs or random poles and shelves on the wall -.- Sighh, but it works for now.

So it was my birthday on Oct. 9. I didn't really celebrate it, what with midterms going on, and everyone's hectic schedules... There's literally no time to have a party. My family decided to just go out for a small family dinner, and I didn't even bring it up with friends (though I still got the gazillion standard Facebook birthday wishes and random acknowledgments). I feel kinda bad... I mean, it is my 17th birthday... and it should be special... But is it any different from my 16th? Or even my 15th? Hell no. I don't feel any different than I did when I first walked through the doors of high school -- that's right, I still feel like an awkward eighth grader, trying to navigate through life, cautious and hesitating.

I didn't get anything special for my birthday. And I don't begrudge my family for that. My parents have spent money on me since the day I was born, for clothes and food and payments for the house... Why ask for more? I think I've got a clearer mind now than I had before, when dealing with my family.

So maybe I have grown up a little. Just a little.

I still get loud, and I still get angry over little things... But being grown up means being able to hide our emotions better, isn't it?

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