Monday, August 17, 2009

forget the drama.

(I just want to thank everyone for visiting my page, and dropping their comments (: I really appreciate it, and it makes me feel welcome at Blogger! I love all your blogs, seriously.)

- - -

onto other news (saw this over at lovelyish):


"Here's how it works. An ophthalmologist anesthetizes your eye, then makes a microscopic incision in the conjunctiva, the eye's transparent outer membrane. The doctor drops a tiny piece of jewelry (called JewelEye) into the incision, and the procedure is over. It takes 10 minutes and costs about $4,000, and you spend the next week feeling as if you have a piece of sand in your eye. When the conjunctiva heals, you can't feel it (even when you rub your eye). "

Um, wow. really? I don't know whether to be shocked or excited...

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