Tuesday, September 1, 2009

high ho, triple sow cow.

i'm just squeezing in another post before school i guess? it's in 7 days. one week. i probably will not be posting until I'm settled in school... i'm frigging scared and excited. i dropped by the school today to pick up my schedule and the word IB on every little time slot scared the hell out of me. I hope I survive gr 11, that's all. This is what I wore (and I swear this guy was checking me out, just standing by the office. so freaky. i've never seen him at school but he must be new. I kinda avoided him on the way in and out, whew)!

These are the awesome-amazing-super-high-shiny heels that I blogged about in my first post. I wore these babies about 3 times total only. They're so high I don't know where to wear it to. So I picked today, to show them off. More lovely shoe pics :3

oh, what's that I hear? you want more details? okay, I took some more pics just for you:

I ripped these jeans meself, yes. I was bored and I had a pair of sharp scissors in my hand incidently, so I thought, Why not?

this is my pal CherryPop. I got them in my happymeal from mcdonalds. Okay, my sister's happymeal =_= What? I didn't steal it from her. She has a hello kitty from Macs already so she gave this to me. I hugged her and danced around happily of course.

Okay. Now what? What else do I need to post about before I disappear into thin air (i.e. preparing for school madly running around buying paper, pencils, whiteout, etc. and meditating on my schedule trying not to freak out about IB and calling up my friends and asking them what classes they have, planning one more shopping trip or hanging out, sleeping over, partying once more before school starts and summer ends)?


What's the first thought that pops into your mind when you see this Margiela piece?

(i.e. 'WTF?!' 'I LOVE IT?!' 'IT'S A CARPET MONSTER?!')

... and how beautiful are these Christian Lacroix outfits?

.. OH RIGHT. I'm heading out to Metro on Saturday with a few old friends. Maybe THAT will be the last post before school starts, who knows?

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