Thursday, September 24, 2009

living in the sky with diamonds.


i called the shaw internet guy today cuz my mother was too lazy and asian to do it herself. i.e. she's angry at me for nagging her about it all week, and her accent is very hard to understand for some people... okay, all people.

hallelujah, thank God (: i can post once again.

shoes. comfy, lacy x purdy effects. love?
me camwhoring. anyhoo.

old navy cardigan (size XXL!), thrifted tank, ripped my own tights, lacy shoes: payless

news so far: (not that anyone would want to read this)
- i've been pressured to join chamber choir and concert choir bc i auditioned for vocal jazz. srsly, this happens every year. i just want to join ONE voice group, ONE. and somehow the Ms. Manipulating Bitch makes me join all three. I really don't get it. and I'm pissed, naturally. How am I supposed to fit all these lessons into one week, what with piano lessons as well, and work?
- i hate my job. they won't give me a raise. i've been working in this snakepit for a whole year and 2 months now... aaand i'm still being paid minimum wage.
- i have a piano exam coming up in Jan. HOLYSHI. ):
- i tried out for a Music Fest hosted by some losers at my school, and me and my homie, Krystele, got in! We'll be performing some stuff in our school courtyard for a few days in October(?) and again in the spring. First prize is $150, not that much. But think of all the scones I could buy with that!
- OH, i'm officially addicted to the scones my school sells. It's only a dollar for one and they're so yummy. I think I could live on scones. And be a hermit. In Sconeland. Ummm, or England cuz I hear they have good scones there.
- i'm almost at a stress level at school now, and it's only been two weeks. i feel so useless and dumb. it's great to see all my friends in my classes, but sometimes, i feel so alone still.

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