Sunday, November 22, 2009

you are my severed arm, baby.

so much has happened this week, wow.
umm basically i have quit writing for nanowrimo. maybe. i'm very sad. ):

anyhoo, i lost a few of the photos i wanted to upload here (ahem, my mom deleted them "by accident") so here are some that, well, though they do not look very flattering, its all i've got for now.

yeah. holla.

thought of the day: i'm dead.

to do by monday:
- Chem questions, data compilations/calculations + study for TEST Mon.
- Math review ques. + study for TEST Wed.
- Bio study notes +... well, just study bc Bio is freaking hard.
- French interview assignm., read article on Isabelle Cyr (sim. and diff.), add vocabulaire + study for QUIZ

to do by tuesday:
- TOK essay good copy/rewrite -> GET SOMEONE TO EDIT MINE
- Psych: "list the biological processes that occur during (or are affected by) sleep"
- English project 1) memorize Hamlet script 2) make posters on the topic of "drama" 3) get group members together to create wonderful visuals that will earn us our deserved A's!

good luck, me.

(Why thank you, me.)

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