Tuesday, March 23, 2010

multi_udinous seas incarnadine.

Random inspiration from the depths of my computer drive.

God, weather, stop playing your tricks on me. I'm getting a little frisky. If you don't smarten up (or warm up), I will threaten to pull out my wool sweaters, kneehigh boots, and thick black tights again!!!!!!11
I want to be able to wear summer dresses, short skirts, sheer blouses, tight camisoles, wedges, heels without piling on a scarf, or tights, or a thick coat on top!

Anyway, since I really don't have any pretty outfits to show you all, I'll just take you on a tour of my house. Don't be scared... Follow me!

I took these by myself. No tripod. On autotimer. I'm rather proud of myself, except for the fact that this nearly took me an hour. If anyone would like to buy me a tripod, I'd love you for ever. OH and a better camera too, for that matter. (;

Have a good one. Thanks for dropping by.

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