Monday, April 26, 2010


Danielle and I! We were sitting in the Eric Harvie theatre, waiting for a Jazz Band to come on.

Bruce Pullan! He was our clinician for Chamber Choir.

Henry and Joseph camwhoring on the bus! Hey, even Asian guys need to camwhore every once in a while.

We ate ramen and had to borrow people's utensils because we totally forgot to bring any. Oh, and check out my cool bear hat!

I bought this shirt. It's a mooooose.

My friends took a lot more pictures than I did, so I'll probs just stalk their Facebook photos and upload some more on my blog!

BTW, it was snowing in Banff! Hardcore snow too. There was a blizzard in the morning on the second day... but the snow completely melted by afternoon.

I just got this award! Thanks CCWai from MixMatchMedia!

unknown; forgotten

I like hair. I want to grow my hair out. Or maybe cut it super short. Or maybe dye it. Or get bangs again. I don't know!

PS. I couldn't audition for Glee because the open casting call is already over! Damn it ):

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