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So what's been going on in my life?
Well, I had a good week, that's what.
I went to see a play as part of Arts Club, and it was Billy Bishop Goes To War. I mean, two cute guys, music, war, what more can a girl ask for? It was a funny play (I actually laughed. Like I meant it. Not like a fake "ha...ha..." but like "HAHAHAHAHAHA". It was crazy!) and the songs were cutesy but still appropriate to the topic (I mean, hey it was about the First World War). I felt so fucking patriotic to Canada... and I'm Chinese. It was a two man show, so basically an actor plays Billy Bishop (who does imitations of all the other characters in the play) and another guy plays the accompanying guitar and piano, and sings. The guy who played guitar and piano is Zachary Gray, my new obsession. When he sang, his voice was so sweet and non-cracky like some of the tenors/baritones in our school Vocal Jazz and Chamber Choir. I was so mad jealous of his voice. There are guys who can sing out there, Mimi, there are, I keep telling myself, but now HE has proved it. After the show, he was standing by the door (collecting donations = = his cuteness makes people want to give money, I guess!) and I looked at him and stared into his eyes, and said: "Hi." And he was preoccupied with the people handing out money in front of me (throwing it at him almost!) so I said: "Hi" again. Then he looked down at me (I'm this short person kay?) and he's like ":)". HE SMILED AT ME. So I said, "You sing beautifully." And he looked at me a while and said, "Thanks." And I left. OF COURSE, the version Krys tells me is so much more different. She says he looked at HER and asked, "Really?" after I complimented him, and SHE said "YEAH." and he said "Thanks, GUYS." But I know it's just Krys's reconstructive memory acting up. Anyway, this whole exchange takes about a total of 4 seconds. FOUR SECONDS OF AWESOME.
Haha, I know, I'm such a fangirl, right? And then my friend, Krys, tells me that he's part of a prog-rock group, The Zolas, who originate from Vancouver. The best part? They're really good. Check out my Playlist; I added one of their songs, You're Too Cool (scroll to the bottom). Oh, wait that's not the best part. ZACHARY GRAY IS DREAMY. In this "I don't even have to try" way, unlike all these other celebrity types.

WAAAIT. That's not the best part.

He went to UBC. University of British Columbia.

I was there just yesterday, on Friday. Fifteen IB students tagged along for an Arts Program conference (12-4), and yes, I jumped at the chance. The Arts Faculty was different than I imagined. In a good way. The presentations were different as well. Also in a good way.

So now, there's hope:
1) There are good guys out there.
2) There are good guys close to home AT UBC! Who knew?
3) I have a chance at starting my own band and getting signed and being in plays and... well, okay... I'm stretching it a little but... Yeah, I can sing, I can rock it if I just try. But then talented people don't have to try. GOD, ZACHARY GRAY, WHY DO YOU ROCK SO MUCH WITHOUT EVEN TRYING?

Oh, stop moaning, readers. So what, I have a new obsession that I will direct all this tireless attention to? At least I'm not being depressed (which I do about 90% of the time).

Thanks for bearing with me, guys. Actually, thanks for following and entering my giveaway! I had a lot of fun haha. I'll hold another one sooner or later, so stay tuned. (;

He's on the right. Okay, it's not a fair picture of him. HE'S SO MUCH DREAMIER IN PERSON!

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