Tuesday, May 4, 2010

how gray.

[Edit:] Portrait of Womanity was so kind to ask me to be a part of their project! Here it is:

- - -
cardigan: H&M, sweater: esprit, liquid leggings: Sirens, wedges: Walmart

I tried the comfy look today. Unfortunately the sun came out and it got really hot by midafternoon, and I had to walk home. I'll plan my outfit a little better tomorrow! The weather is still playing tricks on me. In the morning, it's windy and cold and gray. In the afternoon, it's sticky and hot and sunny...
I bought two new pairs of shoes! Tennis shoes in a crazy colour (pink, in my case), and maryjane pumps.

A few looks I'm diggin' as of late:

via lovelyish

A few I'm not:

Give me the names of these well-dressed (and... not well-dressed) celebrities, and I'll be impressed. Give me the names of all the items they're wearing, and I'll be even more impressed!

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