Friday, September 17, 2010

little miss leo //

For the Leo presentations at assemblies this week, I wore my club tee! Yeah, Leo pride woooh :D (Same shirt... every day... for a week! Wow haha. I've never worn the same shirt twice, so this is a big accomplishment for me :P)

I am in the middle of replying to all of your lovely comments, so don't worry, I will check out all your blogs/comment back! <3 Thank you, my lovelies.

Update on giveaway: 211 followers right now -- almost there! I can't believe how fast it's been; I thought it'd be like another month or so hehe. It's like... wow. When I first started posting, I never expected anybody to actually read (and like) (and follow) my blog. I'm not that interesting, you know? I'm not rich, I'm not perfect; I like to rant about my problems... which must be really annoying to my readers. I'm not as knowledgeable in fashion as other amazing bloggers (just to namedrop a few: fashiontoast, hipstermusings, lulu) and I never really keep track of the trends, what's in and out, which designers are hot right now, stuff like that -- never even been to a fashion show... well, apart from the one hosted by a group of fashion college kids... doesn't count. So I'm really grateful and thankful to my lovelies for staying by my side; I wish I could show all of you how much I appreciate you <3 So yup... the giveaway should help with that dilemma :P

I found this old pic of me and my pal, E. so I just wanted to post it up on the blog:
Gr. 9, miss youu
Can't believe I'm graduating this year. I've already made plans with a friend to rent out an apartment on Robson. It'll be close to UBC, so I really hope we both get accepted, and find a roommate (rent is expensiiiive D: if there's 3 of us, it'll only be $600/month each). I feel so grown-up, it's terrible!

I still look like a 13 year old though. Pffft.

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