Monday, October 11, 2010

"that's mexy".


YO, 'sup? (;
So I recently received two packages from Mexy Shop, a Facebook retailer! Boy, there are a lot of those nowadays, but two things I like most about Mexy are that:
1) She doesn't overprice the items, like many other retailers.
2) She's very kind and friendly when replying to msgs and comments, so I'm never too intimidated to ask for questions/more info!

Here is the stuff I received, yeeeeah!
- acid-wash, harem-like jeans
- Alice-in-Wonderland fishtail tee
- 2 packs of falsies!!! wore the pair on the left today for my birthday dinner (:

Now the obligatory outfit posts...
 I also bought cuff earrings from a lovely girl on Facebook too! (Wow, I need to stop spending LOLz. Won't happen though, I know... I'm a shopaholic (: A working-girl-shopaholic-procrastinater-IB-student. Siigh.) Check her out too @ Emmy Wu!
If you're wondering, I bought these leopard tights from IHaveMyStyle! She's a lovely retailer as well (: Really nice when there was a mix-up between the colour I wanted for the tights. The mix-up has been resolved and I got my brown tights yaaaay! They are just a tad small for me, but I don't mind haha. I think I'm growing??? Hopefully??? PLEEEASE??? :P

 Me and my sis having some fun with perspectives hahaha :D

Oh, I saved the best for last:
LOL I'm kicking myself :D Hehehehehe!!!
...yeah I'm a dork...


That will be all, lovelies. xxx

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