Wednesday, September 9, 2009

first day of school.

today sucked. it's going to be a boring year, i just know it. my classes are.. what can i say, bland? terribly uninteresting? maybe i'll change my mind tomorrow, when i have english and psych? there are not many new guys either. and the few new guys we have aren't very cute. Auuugh save me. A trip to the thrift store might help, but I'm still trying to be a Saver, not a Spender. Yadayadayada economic recession blah.

so, I need to post my outfits down so you readers will have something pretty to look at.

for the Metro Trip, this is what I wore:

I went with the lovely Floraaaaa Michiko of Sugar Sugar. OH so we rode the bus home, and we got hit by a van. which sucked. police came. ambo came. we had to walk a looong way to get to a friend's house. which also sucked. and i was late 3 hours for work. and... you guessed it... IT SUCKED! buuut on the upside, i didn't buy anything at Metrotown but two face masks, and food! .. but when we had to walk to flora's friend's house, i stopped by the Thrift Store and picked up some stuff, mainly because my feet were killing me (bought a pair of ALDO flats) also saw this cute denim vest and leopard pants that I knew would look good on me.

now for another outfit.
went to VV with this outfit. i feel much more green, thaaanks. do you like these sandals? I don't know how i feel about them just yet.
my parents are trying to buy a new house near the school, and they have to get so much money from loans just to buy it. we have a huge huge huge debt already and still, they are just dumb enough to keep spending. when are they going to pay it off? this sounds kinda like me. well, i'm a chip off the old block. and when they do get their loans & buy the house, my dad will be flying off to china again for who knows how long. this just makes me feel so much better.
good night.

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