Sunday, September 13, 2009

with her hand in the flame.

i skipped church today ): i had to stay home to do my schoolwork (stupid chem questions! auugh i so do not understand it) and my mom got really angry at me. sigh. c'est la vie.

Gossip girl, season 3. Holla.

Anyway. I'm posting before going to bed. it's so early. i feel like such a nerd trying to sleep at 10 now. :S

hey look minnie ears.
i think my parents are mad at me. my dad has taken to yelling at me, and my mom: ignoring me. but i'm sorta mad at them too. so it all works out.
if anyone has any questions about the music in my blog, or what clothes i'm wearing, or just you know, questions, feel free to ask!
i'm almost at 20 followers! mini-milestone! thank you, guuuuuys :3 i heart you all.

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