Monday, October 19, 2009

oh, deer.

a few of my school outfit from last week = =" too lazy to take more photos sorry
wearing: pic 1 - express polo, gifted sweater, sirens plaid skirt, b.u.m. eq. boots
pic 2 - nerd glasses from ardene's, old navy striped sweater, bongo skinnies, L.E.S. wedges

the weather is getting too cold up here in canada :/ i resort to wearing normal-ish, boring outfits and sweaters. i'm running out of pant options. it's just Day One: Black skinny jeans. Day Two: Grey skinny jeans. Day Three: Flared pant-leg jeans, etc.

random thought of the day: i do love my friends. i'm starting to find out how much i need my true friends, and how much i need to change for the better.

school work is tedious and ultimately, boring (note to self: start organizing). ugh i take a break from homework almost every half hour to check Facebook or email or twitter or bloggy blog blogger... it's getting ridiculous. oh, and i've also taken up drawing:

these are some photos of my amateur drawings. i've got more but yeah, these are my favourite. it takes so long to draw one picture. i sit there and waste an hour on these things and not even realize it. :3 ahh, life.

i love you, fellow bloggers. i read your daily posts to keep my outfits creative and my mind sane. (: /heartheartheart

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