Tuesday, October 6, 2009

victor & rolf (S2010)


anyhoo, there was an IB field trip today (yay hooray!) and it was so amazingly fun. we ran around Crescent Beach and just chilled and scavenger-hunted and did our own thing. had some yummy sushi for lunch w/ my pals Krys, Ellana, and Haruna. Wish I brought my fricking camera! i wanted to take some photos for you guys haha, since the beach was so beautiful in the morning, and even more beautiful in the afternoon.

i bought this shirt the other day.

i feel like a child. a nerdy one, at that.

hooray for mario!

i have my bday party on sat! we're going to the opening of forever21 at metro (FINALLY!) then taking le skytrain to coquitlam to spend the day idly.

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