Wednesday, December 23, 2009


for lack of a better post, I recently read on MTV that Yen Plus magazine is going to be releasing a Gossip Girl series.
The first 4 pages are on the MTV website. Check it out!

Oh, and I've just got to sneak in an outfit here:
Sirens trenchcoat, American Apparal skirt, Old Navy black henley, Madeline boots, Icing headband
I'm really enjoying the holidays! Being able to just laze around in my bathrobe is very pleasant. I wake up in the afternoons and sleep in the early mornings. It's strange but nice. Went shopping a few more times too. I mailed a special gift to someone and it costed like 12 extra bucks! Wow postal is expensive (;
I hope you guys are all having fun and relazing around (relaxing + lazing around; hey if Tyra can make up words, I can too!) as well - cheers!

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