Thursday, December 17, 2009

thoughts of the day.


a few things on my mind lately:
1) i really want this coat. it's my mom's. it's the perfect length, perfect fit, perfect colour, perfect comfy-ness/warmth factor... And my mom won't let me wear it out. /sniffle.

2) I love my friends. I don't know what I'd ever do without them. (:

3) NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION #1: Rethink some of my outfits, BEFORE I get out of the house and go to school in them, instead of rolling out of bed at 8am in the morning and rush to get showered and dressed by 8:15. Augh. (And yes, those are christmas presents in those shopping bags behind me! i'm going to give them out tomorrow.)
4) It's freezing cold outside... And slushy and gross. I hate snow. I'm sorry, but truly, who wants to be wet and cold and uncomfortable? Snow does that to people. And the aftermath of it: Dirty mix of mud and slush and ice for weeks. I'm sure it's going to snow again before Christmas, and I need a durable coat to prepare for it. MOM I NEED YOURS.

5) My blog is becoming less of what I was hoping it would be, and more of a place to rant and complain about hw. I need to work on taking photos and being creative and NOT being lazy. OH and go thrifting more. But don't expect too much of me.
6) Thank you, readers, for following and listening to me complain about hw =_______= I know it's not a very attractive quality that I possessive (some might even say I repulse others by being so pessimistic) but complaining and ranting will always be a part of me. I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate the comments. They're always lovely and I feel so happy when reading them. (:

7) I found this really amusing. It is titled "Swine Flu". Poor Piglet!
8) I really love the new Twist Tres Paris collection at Forever 21. Take a look! The cardigans are cute and reasonably priced. The frills and tulle skirts and bows are so adorable, I think I'm going to puke out cotton candy and rainbows. I'm so glad Canada has evolved enough to host a Forever 21 store here (: Love love the florals and occasional prints that pop out from the black and white ensembles. I can actually picture myself wearing this. The beanies and berets look absolutely comfy and adorable -- I might venture out to Metro and just have a serious shop.

Happy Winter Break, lovelies. (;

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