Wednesday, February 24, 2010


ooops sorry for not blogging/being under a rock for a looong time.

So, school. yeah. what can i say? i'm drowning in it? i'm suffocating? i'm being pulled so far apart by it that the molecules inside my body are broken up, causing my body to degenerate? well yes, all of the above.


Waking up at 5:30 in the morn', getting dressed for intense, cold weather, sitting on a bus for 7 hours! with other music geeks! i'll be sure to post vids of my vocal jazz group singing for you eager readers out there haha. i'm so excited. my mom packed me 5 oranges and 2 bananas and i told her that i'm not going to eat that many oranges... and she said, strictly, "You have to". So I secretly sneaked two oranges back into the basket and stole some beef jerky and granola bars from the cupboard... MUAHAHA i'm an evil child.

I feel a lot better mentally these days... The schoolwork keeps piling up, but I think I've gotten immune to the stress. <- All about IB, and what us IB students have to live up to... and ultimately, die for. I hear this quote a lot: "I wanna die" on Facebook, in msgs, in the hallways. Even I say it, albeit unconciously, maybe about 28 times a day.

"I think... Therefore, IB."

x o x o

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