Friday, March 5, 2010

asian invasion.

via lovelyish, and other sites forgot.

Well we didn't win, but that's okay, since we rock. We will keep on rocking. Senior Vocal Jazz pwns.
Also, we were the only Asians there. Yes, everyone else was white. Funny :3

There were a few cute guys hanging around town. But I think we scared them away by bursting into song on the street, while waiting to be seated at the Breakfast Club. The place was nice. Good food.

I had the urge to pee every three hours while on the bus. Strange, eh? I guess I'm not the one for a roadtrip. I hate peeing in public restrooms as well. Blerghhhh.

I bought meself a nice hotpink teeshirt to remind myself of the times at Lionel Hampton International Fest.

Ross was pretty cool. Everything was so cheap. Even cheaper than Winners (I guess, the Canadian equivalent of a Ross...) However, I didn't find anything I liked. So I just chilled in the shoes section and drooled over random heels and sneakers.

Sorry I don't have any videos saved on my camera! My bestie Krys took one though, but she uploaded it on Facebook! Check it out!

SPRING BREAK = hibernation^7 + (relaxing x shopping) + 4(bffs) + homework^109

Yesterday I wrote something.
Well, I couldn't sleep so I wrote a poem-ish thing:

I call my fish Harold and Maude.
I call my lover X.
My love for X is "y".
One day, he told me, "Find X."
I looked him in the eye and said, "It's proportional, anyhow."
He scoffed. "Figures."

random pieces of Idaho.

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