Wednesday, March 10, 2010

currently loving:

Brother Sharp. homeless guy in China. "penetrating" gaze, sexy furrowed eyebrows. "Those who are in the know claimed that he was a university graduate that lost his mind after his girlfriend left him. "
has been compared to the tall, lanky models of fashion shows.
And he's pretty fashionable; sometimes likes to wear female attire.

the GAP. "to promote their new loyalty program, Sprize, the GAP in Vancouver, BC turned its entire store upside-down. All of the mannequins, displays and even the sign were flipped, as well as some cars and a hotdog stand outside of the store."

The monster purse. cute furry creature of the purse variety.

The iMaxi iPad. Hahahahahahahahaha. "Yes, that’s a giant maxi pad (with wings!) you’re looking at there. Perfect for wrapping up your shiny new iPad safe and snug." -

Comes in two colours. Boy-o-boy how incredibly disturbing.

More lovely posts to come.

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