Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival tee, Joe shorts, American Apparel tube socks, Urban Planet sneaks.

Today was Anti-bullying Day at school, so I wore pink. I wonder if kids 100 years from now will participate in this. I find it funny how people from each time period try to establish something, a ceremony, a way of life that they think is never going to change. But of course, things change. I mean, we don't all follow Roman Catholic doctrines anymore. We've established "hate crime" then abolished it. There is no such thing as being rude now, it's all "freedom of speech".

Anyway, this was my outfit yesterday:
Old Navy jacket, Sirens cardigan and tank, Bongo jeans, Payless boots.

Look at my nonchalance. My ease of posing. My smirk. My squinting (it was pretty sunny! for once...). Yeah, that's nothing like me in real life! I'm super hyper and moody most of the time. At home, I feel lonely, at school, I feel crowded. It's very strange for me to feel completely happy at one particular time. And did I mention how insecure I am? It's getting a little better now, ever since I started this blog. Thanks to you guys!

Oh, and I will keep writing my story, for those of you who still want to read it, i.e. RACHEL HAHA I just name dropped you... Btw, i like love your blooog. /twirls hair. /bats eyelashes. /creeping you out.

Molly Rose of In Place Of Dreams gave me this award! Thanks so much!

What I liked today:
Taylor Swift.

She looks great in these pics! Her bangs are fierce.

pics via

KStew and Dakota Fanning. I think this was at one of their premiers for the Runaways, if I'm not mistaken. They look so pretty. I can't believe how grown-up Dakota looks. It's as if it was yesterday when she was the snotty little brat from Uptown Girls. I haven't seen New Moon yet, but I'm sure Dakota looks fab as a vampire in that movie!

Draped skirts. if i had the guts to do a DIY, this would be the first thing.


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