Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i'm wide awake, i'm wide awake, i'm wide awake...

great, i'm going to be up all night, in case you haven't read the title of this post.
i took a freaking 3 hour nap today (so exhausted!) and now i can't sleep.

oh well, more time to procrastinate/do homework...

sorry if i'm not too coherant right now i'm so fucking tired tomorrow morning is Chamber Choir @ 7:15, hopefully i'll wake up bright and early... or just pull an allnighter. either one. lemme do my math calculation on my T-83 GDC, ummm yes that'll be 4 hours of sleep once again. IF I finish my homework by 2 am. If I don't... I'm going to be a image of a ghost tomorrow!

Our IB class is going to Trinity Western University to do some research on our extended essays... Not particularly looking forward to it... I hate it when my plans change all of a sudden. Makes me feel as if I'm floundering and trying to get enough room, enough air to breathe because suddenly, my whole schedule is messed up.

I tried auditioning for Glee (click here), but I decided to redo my video, and now I'm feeling a little disappointed. I spent my whole day yesterday rehearsing "Don't Rain On My Parade" (Barbara Streisand) instead of finishing up homework, and still, I'm not satisfied with my sound. I'll try again tomorrow... Hopefully, I don't take a gigantic nap that wastes my time and screws me over. So, once I get a good video of my singing, I'll post it here and force you all to give me Gold Stars, okay?! OKAY! KTHXBAI! :D

beret: icing by claire's; Tink tee: Disneyland; capris: Zara; cardigan: Old Navy; wedges: Walmart.

I'll go do something productive now...

I love you all, much kisses&huuugs...

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