Tuesday, May 18, 2010

streetlight people.

hey there, guys.
zebraandmeerkat (tumbler)

first of all, i'd like to thank everybody for their advice and lovely words and inspiration. i really enjoy the blogging community, because it allows different people to come together and create something that can be viewed and interpreted all over the world. and it allows people to let themselves out for a little bit, show a little of themselves that they might not normally do so to people they know in real life.

what i mean is, i feel a little better every time i read your comment, and every time i post something.

oh, and every time i read your blogs!

second of all, i can't believe how creative some people are, you know, hahaha. some bloggers find the most amazing things that they share to the rest of us, and it makes me feel as if i've almost reached a piece of wisdom or something close to enlightenment.

anyway, i don't want this blog to turn into Depressing-Rant-AngryAsianGirl-ville, so here's something that cheered me up this week!

Yes, an award yippeeeeee. (Does this make me a little shallow? Oh, i hope so. i'm done with all of the 'deep' and 'depressing' for now... Save those rants for my journal, and my STORYUNTITLED.doc! haha)

This awesome award was given to me by Jessica of aberrant moda! She's such an amazing person, and I think you should all go visit her blog to see for yourselves. (Yes, she was the one who sent me that sweet strappy top, and mix CD!) She has the boy, the clothes, the new job, and the photoshoppin' skills to entice you all. Trust me (: I just love reading her posts.

So, here goes:

The Rules
1: Copy and paste the above button onto your blog/website.
2: Answer the questions below.
3: Pass on to bloggers you love, notify them about being tagged.

1. Who is your style icon?
Hmmm I think i'd have to say a mix of Zooey Deschanel and Taylor Momsen. basically cutesy but rocker?.. i dunno, you tell me!


2. What's your favorite socialite lit book?
Well, I spent the former years of high school reading Gossip Girl just because some other girl was reading it. She actually thought it was good. I thought it was horrific. A complete summary of the entire series, consisting of 10+ books is this: Nate sleeps around, goes back and forth between Serena and Blair, and Chuck plays with a monkey. Dan and Vanessa are boring, boring, boring people, without anything to do for the entire series. Nothing interesting happens at all. Considering Gossip Girl's the only socialite series I've read, I'll say it's my favourite, but really... No. (The show is a lot better. Although the Season 3 finale was... a little overdramatic... don'tcha think, Hollywood writers?)

3. Favorite party theme?
The theme where you invite close friends and just hang out for an entire day and night.

4. Go to Halloween Costume?
either Minnie Mouse or nerd. (I bought a pair of mouse ears in Disneyland, so I overexploit them for any occasion hehehe.) As for nerd, I'm always a nerd, so I don't really have to dress differently. KIDDING, GOSH. I just wear my red suspenders, my nerd glasses, tuck my shirt in, and wear socks with sandals --  good to go!

5. Extravagance you can't live without?
TV shows like Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, and Glee. Although... I have survived a whole week without watching a single one of those shows... But the next week, I was back to it, and was hella confused.

6. Living Person(s) you admire?
My grandparents, for sure. They currently live with my parents, my sister, and me, so it's a large family in one house. I rarely see my parents though, so it's never crowded (: Anyway, my grandparents are taking care of my baby cousin (she's 1 and a half!) right now and it's so fun to watch her interact with my grandparents. But she's the biggest copy cat! Whenever my sister, Jenny, is trying to do homework (in front of the TV, I might add, which is ridiculous... though I do it too...), my baby cousin runs towards her with a pencil and tries to scribble on whatever Jenny is doing. It's so funny. Oops, getting off-topic.

7. Greatest Fear?
Being mugged on the streets. And the dark, after watching a super scary film. A public bathroom when it's empty, because that's usually where the main character gets brutally murdered by an undead spirit in a horror film.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?
I procrastinate way too much for my own good. It's the reason why I sleep for 4 hours on weekdays, and spend countless hours on the Internet or in front of the TV. And the reason why my life is so uninteresting, and why I don't go out as much as I should.

9. Which talent would you most like to have?
To be able to write so beautifully and powerfully, without even trying, that it makes people cry.

10. Greatest Achievement?
None yet... Working on it.

♥ ♥ ♥ I'd like to pass this award onto some really cool bloggers, people who really inspires me to keep this blog:
Andy and Rachel. They've already received this award, but I think they deserve it twice over :D

Aina from My Norwegian Country Theater. A very good friend. (:
Supergirl from The Onion. She's wonderful. Her posts are inspiring to read, and funny too.
Isabel from Hipsters Musings? Creative outfits, and posts with wisdom.
Mathilde from Mathilde's Daily. Tres chic! J'adore ta creativite.

I hope everybody has a great week.

I think i need to take a little break and just do something cool this week. Other than planning my outfits and watching TV all the time...

TOTD: Do something inspiring.

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