Monday, May 10, 2010

use pictures to tell a story instead.

hey there! a couple outfit posts.
i like my bunny. we have this love-hate relationship goin' on. Bunny thinks i'm too possessive. To that, I say, "Hell NAH, B."
last week:

this is my bestie!

this is what we did on our spare: watch little baby grade 9's in their P.E. classes. Us Gr. 11's don't need to do it anymore! All I remember from gym was being sweaty constantly and having to kick around balls.

Our school is quite small. about 800 - 1000 students only.

(tried to channel Taylor Momsen today, with the red leather jacket, ripped jeans, dark eyeliner and messy hair. i don't know if i've succeeded. i need to buy more rebel wear and make up my own rockstar style.)

tomorrow, red lipstick and... hmmm... i need some inspiration. maybe i can dig through my closet and find some item of clothing or a pair of heels that i haven't worn in a while, and just slap together an outfit!

now i need to go study for the english vocab quiz! oh, and read "Maxim Maximych" of A Hero Of Our Time by Lermontov. what else: Bio worksheets (hate bio), Chem review, Math hw, and... that's right, get started on my Extended Essay. All 4000 words due in a month. Whoop-dee-doo.

Love you!

ps. what did i do on mother's day? nothing at all. i feel a bit bad. my mother and i are having a little outing on thursday hopefully to make up for it. i love her, i do. sometimes it's just a bit hard to be the grownup, that's all.

my father gave her a few bars of crappy chocolate. way to go, dad. way to go.

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