Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Hands Are Shaking

watch it. VLOG #3, TCHYEAAAAAH:
I talk about a death in the family & random crap like rings, and give a shout out to a fellow blogger.

Had a Leo Club meeting today.
After making this vlog, I went shopping with my mother to buy gifts for our relatives in China. She leaves tmr, as you've learned from watching the Vlog (:

Sirens tee, Old Navy shorts, Army & Navy heels

BTW, I got the bag! :D

I won a giveaway/contest over at Brightgreenlaces, and she sent me this bag! I love it so much (: Just right for me haha

last week's night out.

see you later, lovelies (:

ps. kyki, do we have the same snake ring? :D

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