Wednesday, June 16, 2010

this beat is so funny i made it with their money

Hey guys good news: school's over in two days! i'm so glad. just one more psych exam and bio test :/ then gr 11 is over! i can't wait for senior year. but most of all, i can't wait for summer!

i'm sorry i haven't been writing my story. i read my older posts and think how silly i sound. this always happens. whenever i put off writing for a long time, then happen to read whatever it is that i wrote, i always think i sound so pretentious that i stop writing completely. and i guess this is it for that. maybe i'll write something new, something different.. so keep reading.

these past couple weeks have been one presentation after an exam after an essay, on and on and on. i'm a bit cranky cuz i've been getting less than 6 hours of sleep continuously. i can't even formulate the right words to say in my head, so talking to people have been awkward.

Wearing: Garage Clothing sweatshirt, Mimi Mcqueen shorts, Lower East Side wedges (Payless)
Alright I'll leave you guys with this vlog i made out of haste haha

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