Monday, August 16, 2010

Falsies & Buns & Acne?!

I don't nearly have enough hair for this hairstyle, but I tied a small bun around my head, see? Haha, fail, I know. Oh, big news: my first time using false eyelashes. It was so damn hard! Took me half an hour for the right eye, and I screwed up my left eye. Then I thought it looked too fake so I used a pair of scissors and snipped a couple lashes off. Which made it look even worse, but I thought, "Screw this. I'm leaving the house looking like this, who cares?"

Oh, and my friend Flora called me bald yesterday. Her exact words: "bald". LOL

I know I don't have a fine mop of hair like she does, but I long for it! Do you guys have any tips for limp, flat hair like mine? Much appreciated if you could give me some suggestions to make it look fuller? Maybe even some tips on how to GROW MORE HAIR? Haha :D

Alright, here's the vlog! Hope it helps some of you, because trust me, I'm more acne prone than... your mom. There are so many options of cleansers out there, so I hope this vlog will narrow it down for you:

More tips:
- Keep a pack of Clean&Clear Oil Blotting Sheets handy! They're 5 bucks for a pack of 50. They're really great and can absorb tons of oil, leaving your skin super fresh.

- Try a honey and lemon juice facial! Honey is great for soothing the skin will getting rid of bacteria. Lemon is a good exfoliator. I know the application is messy and it might smell... well, like honey, but it's great for your skin. Apply for like 15 mins then wash it off with warm water.

- Slice up a tomato and use it to exfoliate your face! I really recommend this, maybe once every 2 weeks. Just sweep your face gently. Easy peasy.

- Try a baking soda wash. Mix up a teaspoon of baking soda and just add a little water until it becomes thick and liquidy. Use it like facial wash.

- Try the Body Shop Tea Tree Masque. It comes in a little jar for about 15 bucks. Very worth it. Apply once a week. I've used it 3 times now and I've barely used up 1/20 of the jar seriously. Worth eet.

- Try the Clinique Acne set. (Foaming face wash, cleansing lotion [which is like a toner] and the Moisturizer with benzoyl peroxide [which I mentioned in the vlog]) This is very useful, and treats the toughest of acne. However, it's expensive :/ About 65 bucks for the whole set. Sigh. Though it's worth it, it runs out easily. I'd say 3-4 months for me. So I can't afford it! Hey I'm a student working part-time at Pizza Hut okay?

And remember drugstore brands can be as effective as high-end brands if you back it up with a fair diet (meaning, less fatty/greasy foods) and enough sleep. Oh and a good dose of optimism. And patience. And acceptance. (:

Thanks for reading guys! xxx
More helpful posts to come. Hopefully. If I'm not being a slack-off.

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