Thursday, August 19, 2010

I like to click through the 'Net

I'm browsing the cutest online dress store (: The Dress911 online store devotes itself to indie fashion and lovely retro dresses in all prints, shapes, and colours! I've already found a few I love:

Not to mention the chic, vintage-looking accessories are currently making me drool:

Dress911 is Canadian! How awesome, eh?
They ship to the US and Canada for just $7, flat-rate.

I'm ordering two pairs of leggings right now (first time actual online shopping!) and I've got an idea of how to pay: either mail cheque, or bank transfer (since they're based in Canada, I can actually just transfer the money -- thank goodness because I don't have a credit card). But the only thing I'm worried about is that they might not fit me well! I'm very short (5 ft 1", I think) and thin as well, so sometimes jeans or leggings fit looser and will bunch up around my ankles. I absolutely hate that! It makes my outfit AND myself look bad. So that's why I have high expectations for my bottom-wear.

Anyway, I've messaged them about my concerns and they are going to measure the leggings for me (:

Good service, great clothing, awesome styles! Umm, can I repeat how much I like the site? Lol.

Alright. I need to log off. Or else my mother will come in here and... yeah.

ps. Sorry for all the drama last night, guys.
Some days I feel a certain way. I don't want to feel angry or upset, but I can't hold it back.

Thanks for reading. xxx

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