Saturday, August 21, 2010


Le quatre saison du Gossip Girl sera tres scandaleux!

I'm very excited. When I first watched the 3rd season finale, I thought that the 4th season would be tres terrible! But I think I've just been proved wrong.

I've always loved to shop sales, and getting as much as I can out of my hard-earned money. These two outfit posts will show you what I mean...

Lace shirt: "Trendyland" brand from Winners... $14.99
Pastel skirt: vintage... borrowed from my mom
Cream heels: "Giani Bini" brand from Army & Navy... $39.00
Bag: "Mingpai" brand from somewhere in China... gifted
Star necklace: Crew Heaven facetrading... $5.00
Total outfit cost: $58.99

Striped tee: Smartset... $10.00
Pink cardigan: Old Navy... borrowed from mom
Skinny jeans: "Bongo" brand from Urban Planet... $29.00
Silver heels: "American Eagle" brand from Payless Shoesource... $19.00
Purse: Tommy Hilfiger... gifted
Chain necklace: Crew Heaven facetrading... $5.00
Total outfit cost: $63.00

Eh? Eh?
Am I good, or am I good?

Wait, no, the real question is:

Am I good or am I cheap?
(Or both?)


Okay, peace out. <3
ps. You've probably noticed the major layout/blog change here, and how I'm posting a lot more than usual. I think it's for the better. I'm more focused on blogging now, and I think this will help me overcome some of the issues I'm dealing with. And it's helping me get ready for my future! I'm thinking of studying journalism in university now. Or even trying to go into the fashion or business industry. I figure I can narrow it down between these three choices by the time I graduate, haha.
Thanks for reading guys!

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