Tuesday, August 3, 2010


sorry for the short absence! there was a small family trip i forgot to mention in the post below, which i embarked upon early Sunday morning. seriously, it was early. i slept at 4 am, after rigorous packing and wracking my mind for items which i might have forgotten, and then woke up at 6 am to my mother yelling at me that we were late.

anyway i've categorized this short trip to Kelowna into five picture categories for you skim-through readers (yes, i care about you all that much ^-^):

1) pitstop

2) park

3) beach
the girl on the very left above is one of my sister's older friends. they've reunited since the trip. tear tear (':
okay anyway...

4) farm

5) trampoline

i was surrounded by little kids on this trip. i was beginning to feel like one! = =
the drive to Ktown was a little annoying. my mother is pretty neurotic just by herself, but when on the freeways and highways, she can get a LOT more neurotic. still, it was a good trip, in comparison with other trips our family has taken. my grandparents were smart enough to bring a whole bag of food and i snacked on stuff the whole way. i love my grandparents <3

anyway, i'll leave you guys with a few photos of cars on the road.
oh, and this vlog:

VLOG #5: update on the poll. looks like i'm doing a lady gaga vid!?

ps. eek photo-overload. i promise i didn't plan on this. hope you enjoyed anyway? :3
back to regular posting soon! xxx

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