Sunday, January 10, 2010


i'm making a new header for myself! haha i can never just stay with one header for too long. anyway, if anyone wants me to make one for them, just give me a shout! kay? i'll be glad to help out.

lacy undershirt: Urban Behaviour, henley: Urban Planet, skirt: Dorothy Perkins && my bangs are getting too long! NO! should i grow them out or get them trimmed?!

wow i'm so narcissistic today, eh? four photos of me in one sitting! wooh i'm sorry for your eyes combusting upon viewing these! just don't mail me your doctors' bills and i'll be happy.

i was browsing, a blog where you can sign up and comment or post about things like fashion, beauty, celebrity sightings and random crap like period pain as well haha. this is one i want to share:
hahaha = =

neutral tuesday
i'm so jealous of this girl. hyoni's style seems so effortless! it's as if she rolled out of bed in the morning and pretty clothes just stuck onto her like magnets...

Loeffler Randall
I really want these. Maybe when I'm older. And richer.

thought of the day: i want to be a first lady.

Michelle Obama: Look at how gorgeous and happy I am! Oh, and my husband is a stud.
Carla Bruin-Sarkozy: Okay, I've done the modeling thing and the musician thing. Now I'm married to a president.

JEALOUS?!! yeah i am. well then. off to do some last minute hw!!! .. sigh.

EDIT- I'm making headers for: emailed! emailed! emailed!

Anyone else? Leave a comment && ask!

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