Saturday, July 10, 2010

combinations combinations...

[if you're not used to seeing me bleary-eyed and makeup-free, don't watch it. actually, watch it, but don't make fun of me.]

my sis and i got a home-facial for fun:
<- i really like this product. it actually heats up with water. pretty sweet. oh and did i mention you can get it at walmart for only $1.29?
i got two more: the peel-off masque and a strawberry souffle.
 and now we look like this:


just kidding (;
kay so here are some camwhore shots of me (i don't have any notable outfit pics to post, sorry)
and my sis is too young for camwhoring so there are none of her. she ran off afterwards to play Build-a-Bear online. WTF LOL kids these days.

I gotta bus to work soon. i don't rly like work. There are some new people there who are completely obnoxious and fake. I like most of the ppl i work with, thank god, but i can't stand the OFP (obnoxious and fake people). when they say things to me like "Oh you're so skinny, I'm jealous" I feel like throwing up over their Coach bags and false eyelashes... but that'll be too hard to do; I'd have to project the puke first onto their bags and then quickly swivel my head to aim at their face. Most of the time, i ignore them, but i can't appear to be too antisocial (b/c I don't want to get fired, for example), so of course I'll fake laugh at them -> "faughing" has never been so annoying. esp when i'm the one who's doing it.
The good thing is, most of them will be fired or they'll quit after a while.
If I wasn't so lazy, I'd apply for other jobs... = = But honestly, i've just gotten comfortable working at the Hut of Hell, no matter if it's about 98% hell and 2% faughing.

DOUGLAS COUPLAND X ROOTS! [sure i don't shop there, but now i might]
My favourite Canadian author (Gen X, jPod, Miss Wyoming, Eleanor Rigby, etc, etc, etc!) is now teamed up with Roots for a clothing line. Two things I love the most, literature & fashion, have now been combined into one category of FULL OUT AWESOMENESS in technicolour.

The best part are the athletic jackets for men:
Yeah Canada pretty much rocks.

Alrightie then.

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