Monday, July 5, 2010


EDIT: Just came back from the movie. The effects were great (watched it in 3D) but the acting was lacking in many aspects; there just wasn't that personableness and back-story to the characters of the movie that was in the cartoons. All in all, it was a condensed version (and a version that might be more appealing to children) of Book One of Avatar: The Last Airbender. Some chars were missing as well, which I didn't like. And Sokka wasn't even funny! Sure Jackson Rathbone is a really good looking actor, but he just wasn't Sokka. Anyway, rant over, this is what I wore:


all the dancers.

vid shot by my lil sis.

This video will not leave my blog okay?
I know I know.. the dance was cheesy, the music was cheesier, but I felt such a patriotism at the performance because the dancers were all so supportive and determined and friendly. So what if things fell apart and problems arose? Nothing could stop us.

(Yuck cheesy dance moves.)

It was fun and I think I might do it again next Canada Day (:

we like hugging random bowling pin mascots kay?

Today I'm going to go see a movie with a friend!
The Last Airbender. I was an avid watcher of the cartoon series about a year ago, cuz you know, i'm a kid at heart, so even if the movie has gotten some bad reviews, I'm still going to go see it :D
J. and I were going to dress up but he wimped out ("I don't have access to the Drama room's costumes anymore" via txt) so unfortch I can't show you some awesome cosplay that I was planning out with only my own articles of clothing and some scary makeup. lol


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