Monday, July 26, 2010

is somewhat annoyed :/


i've just been on the worst first date ever.

1) when a girl says she doesn't want to kiss you, it probably means she doesn't want to kiss you
2) when a girl doesn't want to kiss you, and means it, you shouldn't try harder to kiss her
3) flattery will get you nowhere on a first date
4) okay so you have an awesome amazing car, and you look gorgeous but still that doesn't mean she's going to kiss you
5) touching her and wrapping your arms and legs around her is not going to make her kiss you/like you more
6) she will get annoyed at you because all she wanted was to hang out at your place and get to know you better cuz you met her 2 days ago and asked for her number
7) she will attempt to punch you/kick you where it hurts
8) she will ask to leave your place and yeah so you drove all the way down to her house to pick her up and now you're driving her back, but it doesn't mean she wants to makeout with you in the car
9) okay so you're leaving to play in a ball hockey tournament in toronto tomorrow and all you wanted was to have some fun to get psyched before you leave but still, she thought you just wanted to hang out and will not have your version of "fun"
10) continuously guilt-tripping her and saying "you have to be more open" and "i did all this for you" will not make her makeout with you!

i'm VERY annoyed actually. VERY.


i don't even know what else to blog about


he's coming back in like a week but says since his brother is leaving for india, his parents will be more strict with him and won't let him go out as much so basically that's a whole month that he can't see me

okay so i think he's gorgeous and really nice
but he's just a little... focused on sex.


also i'm a little suspicious. he keeps telling me to "trust him" but really i think he's saying "trust me and makeout with me now".

so a whole month...

should i keep seeing him?
will he even call me?
why do i care?

i'm PISSED off.

cuz i gave up my first kiss for a guy who kissed like a slobbery dog.

okay end rant, outfits:

info here and here

i'm pissed off.

okay oops forgot about some stuff to blog about cuz I'M ANNOYED

here you go:
strawberry souffle masque [SOOO YUMMY]

my bestie/lover (WHO I'M ON THE PHONE WITH RIGHT NOW CUZ I'M PISSED OFF AND WE'RE TALKING ABOUT PAST FAILED BOY-LATIONSHIPS) and i went to go see Inception. AMAZING movie, GENIUS cast, and AWESOME plot line. i recommend everyone who's reading this still (THANKS) to go watch it.
well this is a weird pic. thanks floraaa <3 you are an awesome person and an amazing friend. no one else is like you. sometimes i forget that you are so amazing bc i'm so selfcentered. flora i feel like you're the only person i can talk to sometimes. so i love you for listening to me complain about a certain guy, certain friendships, life, and... well yeah i love you baby. thanks for reminding me that certain guys aren't worth it.

and lastly:
TOTD: call me only if you want a relationship, okay? not sex

love, sunny mimi chen

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