Monday, September 6, 2010


To thank all my wonderful readers for sticking with me for one whole year (and then some), and for reading all of these 94 posts (soon to be 95 haha), I want to propose... a virtual toast!

And then A GIVEAWAY!

(I'm not as cheap as you think, I guess. LOLz.)

As soon as I reach 225 followers, I will post up a superawesomefantasticalmagical giveaway! I won't tell you what the prizes are yet, but I can say that it's gonna be superawesomefantasticalmagical.

Moving on...
I recently bussed down to Downtown Langley and browsed through my local, friendly, neighborhood Value Village -- picked up some stuff that you probably will see in my upcoming posts: a pink, oversized blazer; a sheer white blouse; a knitted sweater; a striped jumper; and these two bags below (both were only $5.99)!

"So you want a revolution? Well you know... we all wanna change the world"
Every time I look at this wonderful bag, Beatles lyrics come into mind. Weird? NAAAAH.

Unfortunately I was a bit rushed for time since my mom was yelling at me through my cellphone for bussing Downtown without telling her, so I forgot to check the shoes and pants section. Boooooo. And I really really wanted a pair of loafers, or broques, or even cowboy boots, or anything really, I just want more shoes ):

Alright then...
See you guys later! xxx

ps. I'm so excited for the giveway haha. You should see me right now. I'm jumping around in my seat. I just love you guys all so much. Just here, jumping in my seat, smiling like mad. I look like this actually:
pps. I got tagged by the lovely Rachel and Joan so I will get to those soon, promise! (;

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